Give the gift of cozy season! This set of three 8-oz candles includes one of each of our special Winter Collection color-changing candles:

Fireside Nights changes from cream to blue and back with warm fragrance notes of smoked amber, leather, and patchouli.

Toasted Marshmallow changes to smoky red and back again while filling the room with the cozy aromas of smoked marshmallow, clove, and vanilla.

Fresh Balsam changes to deep forest green and back again while filling the air with the soft fragrance of balsam, smoky woods, and sandalwood.

Set of three 8-oz. candles • Two wicks • Burn time up to 30 hours each • Made in USA • Colors may vary

Candle care and safety:
While candles can be relaxing, inspiring, and transforming, open flames can also be hazardous and need to be monitored properly. We want you to enjoy the magic and burn your candles safely, so please review the guidelines for a tranquil experience every time.