Team Spirit Candle

CLC licensed university candles in school colors, coming in 2024

“I don’t usually write review, but these candles are great and I had to share. They smell wonderful and are fun to watch burn. Thank you for making such great candles.”

Rebecca Kocher
Vice President of Advancement &
Alumni Relations, Wittenberg University

What makes our candles unique?

They are the ONLY color change candles that transform from one color, to another, and back again.

Show your team spirit

Our candles come in your colors for fundraiser programs or for your own custom branding.

Fundraiser programs

For your school or non-profit organization

  • Burn bright with pride!
  • Made just for you! Choose the color combination and we’ll do the rest
  • No minimum order
  • Free order form
  • Earn up to 50% per candle
  • Labels designed with your logo
  • Complimentary landing page for online orders

Custom branding

For your business, organization, resort, or retail store

Blue, Your Logo Here, Candle
  • Burn bright with pride!
  • Hassle free gift-giving programs
  • Color combinations unique to your needs
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Generate referrals
  • Labels designed with your brand logo
  • We ship for you
  • Pricing upon request

Candles with Purpose: Honoring Fair Labor Practices, Igniting Hope.

As a Fair Labor Association collegiate licensee, we are committed to learning from FLA’s rigorous standards and improving working conditions for the people who make the clothes and products that bear university logos.

Learn more at FairLabor.org