How it works

Follow these steps to start your custom branded order
Preparing your order
  • Select your color combination from the options below
  • Select shipping option ship entire order to your business OR ask us to ship to individual recipients (complete our individual recipient shipping form)
  • Gather your list of contacts and shipping address.
  • Schedule your shipment Just click on GET STARTED…it’s that easy!
Fulfilling your orders
  • Place your final candle order by submitting a simple spreadsheet and forward payment.
  • We will pack and deliver your gifts directly to your contact list – HASSLE FREE!

Color options

Which color* combination is best for your group?
Parchment to red
Parchment to blue
Parchment to green
Parchment to purple
Light gray to red
Light gray to blue
Light gray to green
Light gray to purple
Yellow gold to red
Yellow gold to blue
Yellow gold to green
Yellow gold to purple
Please note: colors may vary

*PLEASE NOTE: colors may vary

Ready to start?

When you partner with us, we’ll set you up with everything you need for your fundraiser.